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This page is a public forum for selling, trading, and buying antique typewriters and related items. Ads are free.  To place an advertisement, just send an email to: and be sure to include "Classified Ad" in the subject. Follow the format of other ads on this page and I will post it for you.  The date an ad was posted appears immediately before the ad in (month/day) format.  In general, ads will be removed after about two months.

Here's some advice on selling.  BEWARE OF SCAMMERS replying to your advertisement to sell or buy a typewriter. Although most offers are genuine, and people honest, I've been made aware of some scams recently, offering the asking price of the typewriter plus some excess money that needs to be forwarded to a third party.  Beware of this type of offer and always exercise the usual precautions that you would on any internet transaction.  If you have any concerns about a transaction, please feel free to contact me. 

Ads are divided into Sell and Trade, Wanted and Specialty Services.  There is also advice on prices and on rating the condition of a typewriter, see the end of this page.  For some good advice on how to ship a typewriter, visit this web site.  If you buy or sell an item through this site, please let me know so I can keep the page up to date.

Sell and Trade:

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Typewriter Resources & Specialty Services:

  • Reproduction Decals: I have reproduction decals available for dozens of different typewriter brands, from the extremely rare (Brooks) and complicated (Sholes & Glidden) to the more common (Royal 10, Underwood 5). For a complete list see: For information at:
  • ETCetera, the quarterly newsletter for Early Typewriter Collectors is looking for new subscribers.   Anyone who has an interest in typewriter history would want this publication.  Visit: and subscribe today.

  • Nickel Plating:  I have been in the metal finishing business for 35 years.  We do both commercial and restoration.  Our primary finish is nickel plating both satin and bright along with the necessary polishing and buffing.  We can restore all typewriter hardware back to the original nickel finish.  Our standard lead time is 1-2 weeks.  UPS service daily.  Mark Goldreich, Rayco Metal Finishing, Inc., 134 Mill St. Middletown, CT 06457 Tel: 860-347-7434 or 860-997-3221 cell  Email:

  • Ingenious Yankees: The Rise of the American System of Manufactures in the Private Sector.  This book contains an exceptional chapter on typewriter manufacturing in the 19th century.  There are also chapters on axes, watches, and wooden movement clocks.  Now out in paperback for the first time, as a dissertation, this book won the 1985 Nevins Prize given annually by the Economic History Association.  $30.00 + $5.00 shipping & handling, $15.00 shipping and handling outside the USA.  Now accepting  Paypal.  Contact:

  • Hammond Ribbon Spools For Sale...a first class reproduction of the originals for early Hammond Typewriters. Contact: John Lewis Sr., Business Systems Sales and Service, 4805 Manual N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87110, Daytime Tel:505-884-0600. email:
  • Vintage typewriter ribbons are now available.   Spools & ribbons for many of the popular models from the 1890s onwards.  Contact: or visit  for more details.
  • Antique Typewriter Repairs:  For typewriter repair or complete restoration of your vintage typewriter, contact Tony at TTS Business Products in Garden City, NY, email: or visit  for more details. Tel: 516-489-8300. Read more about our service, as printed in a national publication, click here .
  • TYPEWRITER JEWELRY. Earrings $10/pr. Tie tacks/lapel pins $10 each postpaid worldwide. The "jewels" are genuine typewriter keys (specify character preference or we send randomly). Desk plates and office door signs up to17 characters and spaces, typewriter keys (random styles) on fine woods, $49.50. Charles Sough, 2517 Rugby Rd., Dayton, Ohio 45406 USA. E-mail:
  • RESTORATION: American Restoration on History needs you!  Do you have a unique, antique, or vintage item that you'd like restored and feature on History's New Hit Series, American Restoration? Are you a collector of antique or vintage memorabilia looking to restore an item of yours? Pawn Star’s Restoration Expert, Rick Dale demonstrating his expertise on his own show for History, AMERICAN RESTORATION!
    If you have a unique, antique, or vintage item that you'd like restored and featured on American Restoration please email:

Vintage typewriter ribbons are now available at TTS Business Products


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On Prices:

Prices for typewriters depend on many things, including (above all) rarity of the model, uniqueness of the mechanical design, condition of the machine, and personal predilections. Prices can vary a lot. Some years ago Paul Lippman wrote, "The value of a collectible typewriter is very subjective, differs from one part of the world to another, and changes constantly. No two collectors would agree on a specific value anyway. It still comes down to what a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to accept."-- Paul Lippman, American Typewriters: A Collector's Encyclopedia. If you want to build a collection, I recommend buying the recent books by Darryl Rehr and Michael Adler.  Both include suggested values; they differ widely, and you should consider them to represent the upper (Adler) and lower (Rehr) extremes of the normal price range. For a discussion of the approximate value of some common makes of typewriters, see. Prices for most typewriters advertised on this site are normally negotiable, and do not include shipping.

On Condition:

The condition of a typewriter can affect its value significantly. You may want to use the following terms when describing the general condition of your machine, or at least keep the following features in mind.

Excellent = glossy paint, shiny nickel, no rust, no missing parts, types well.

Good = gently worn: minor nicks and scratches, minor flaws in nickel, no missing parts, minimal rust, capable or nearly capable of typing.

Fair = significant damage to appearance and/or mechanism, but restorable. Rust damage, missing paint or decals, mechanical problems.

Parts = not restorable; useful only for parts. A rust bucket.

For a form that will give you a much more complete way of describing the condition of a machine, visit this online typewriter rating page put together by several collectors.
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