Early typewriters and related items wanted.

The most desirable typewriters with with names like Brooks, Morris, Rapid, Cash Typograph, Boston typewriter, Burns, Kosmopolit, Rapid, International, Fitch, Duplex, Dart Marking Machine, Crary, Crown, Edison, Blickensderfer, Keystone, Commercial Visible, Coffman, Jackson, Hamilton Automatic, Granville Automatic, Burnett, Oliver, Garbell, Sholes & Glidden.


These typewriters and others are ones that I would be most interested in hearing about.   If you have an old and unusual looking typewriter for sale, please contact me.

Contact via e-mail to: 
Tony  Casillo,

PLEASE NOTE:  If You are offering an item for sale, you might want to include a photograph.

Or you may feel free to telephone me at:
(516) 489-8300 Daytime
(516) 395-3400 Evenings
(516) 489-6501 Fax

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