Keystone Typewriter

The Keystone typewriter was a small, swinging sector typewriter.


The Keystone typewriter was small, using as few parts as necessary to get the job done, yet it was a very attractive writing machine. It used a semi circular type sector and printing occurred when the selected character was struck from the rear by a hammer. Paper was rolled into a coil at the rear of the carriage where it eventually passed between the typeface, with an inked ribbon in front of it, and the hammer.   The Keystone typewriter is known for its use of soft pot-metal in its carriage and rails that disintegrate over time. Shown here is a limited edition model of the Keystone with copper striping that decorated the lid between its keyboard and carriage.    Other models had a removable black cover with a Keystone Decal.   It enjoyed some success in the marketplace, but it did not stand the test of time and soon disappeared from the early 1900s typewriter scene. 

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