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  To anyone looking to replace a worn ribbon on your vintage typewriter, I have good news for you.  They are available, yet finding a suitable replacement ribbon can sometimes be tricky.  There are a few words of caution I can offer to anyone wanting to purchase a replacement ribbon for their vintage typewriter.  Beware of ribbons being offered as a "universal" typewriter ribbon.  There is no one-size-fits-all typewriter ribbon, or universal spool for that matter.  What works well in one model might cause problems in another.  Next to attempting to re-ink an old ribbon (a messy approach that produces mediocre results) purchasing a "universal" typewriter ribbon may be your poorest choice for a new ribbon.

Manual typewriters perform best with a specific grade of ribbon material while their electric counterparts perform better with another.  Widths vary and some typewriters rely on a small eyelet inserted into the ribbon in order to actuate a ribbon reverse mechanism when the ribbon reaches its end.  Some other models do not use this method and still others require their own unique metal spools to perform this task.  Choosing the correct typewriter ribbon will enhance your typing experience. 

We can help you purchase the best ribbon for your typewriter.



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We have the original style cotton typewriter ribbons, on twin metal spools, for many vintage and antique typewriters such as Underwood, Remington, Royal, LC Smith & Corona, Olympia, Woodstock and others. We also sell ribbons for more modern typewriters by IBM, Smith Corona, Brother, Panasonic, Sharp and Xerox.

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